Instant Teleseminar – a great webinar solution for your business

Instant Teleseminar is a great virtual event presentation platform.

What I love about Instant Teleseminar is that it’s easy to use, and it’s really reliable.

Your attendees can access the calls a few different ways: by telephone (with an option for local dial in numbers as well), by webcast, by web call (using their headset or microphone and speakers) or even by Skype.

So you have a greater chance of people attending your event with these options.

You can show powerpoint presentations, and you can even play pre-recording music or recordings into your presentation, to make them really dynamic.

The calls record automatically so no worries about missed recordings. And my favourite feature is the Autopilot – so you can pre-record and the call will play back at your scheduled time.

I recommend Instant Teleseminar to all of my clients for their virtual events. They have different levels of monthly packages, and they start at just $49/month – and of course, they have a free trial! Check it out!

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