Evernote – Clip Your Ideas!

Evernote is a cool (free!) way to keep track of things you find on the Internet.

I am a big fan of keeping a ‘swipe’ file, which is basically when you grab someone else’s information in some form, and save it so you can model* something on it later on.

That could be a website page layout, a format of a program or service package, or even some wording from an email campaign.

Whatever it is, you liked the way it was presented and you want to be able to do something of your own that is put together the same way.

Evernote helps you organize that type of thing easily. You ‘clip’ web page addresses or other bits of information into your Evernote notebook, and then you can assign keywords to it to easily retrieve it later.

So when I was doing some copywriting, I went to my Evernote notebook and search ‘copywriting’ for the things I had saved and tagged as such. I was able to find the bits that I had saved for this project and was able to pull together my sales page much more quickly because I had the information easily at hand.

The neat thing is that you install it on your computer and then you can save things to your notebook with a simple click! Check Evernote out – I think you might like it!

*note that by model I do not mean to copy – please don’t steal other people’s work!

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