5 Simple Steps to a Great Infusionsoft Campaign

Setting up a great campaign using Infusionsoft just takes a little bit of planning.

Here are a few tips about what you need to think about so that your campaign is well planned and works the way you want it.

Let’s look at a simple free report opt in. What do you need to do?

1. Set up a webform. There is a default webform layout that you can easily customize to match what you want yours to look like. The visual editor has lots of functionality and it’s easy for even the tech-shy. And publishing is a breeze – if you don’t have a web person, you can use a hosted version of your form, right in Infusionsoft. It really couldn’t be simpler.

2. Write a ‘thank you’ email to deliver your free report. Once you have your thank you page set up (also can be done right in Infusionsoft), you want to follow up with an email, so that your prospects know their email address is connected correctly, and so they can access your free report from their inbox anytime they want. The email templates are also very simple to brand for your business, and easy to populate with your text, images, and trackable links. You can even attach files which is not a feature that all email services provide.

3. Upload your report to Infusionsoft so you can link it to your thank you email. You can upload your free report to your website, but it’s probably even easier to upload it right you’re your Infusionsoft file cabinet, and then attach it to the right email.  It’s simple to do, and then that file is easily accessible for any email correspondence you send in the system.

4. Tag your prospects so you can easily search for them in your CRM. Tagging is the signature feature of the system, and it differs from ‘lists’ in other email services. It’s a terrific way to segregate your people based on their behaviour, purchases, interests, and more. And because you can apply an unlimited number of tags to any contact, it’s very easy to find the people who are interested in many things that you are tracking.

5. Develop a follow up sequence to send people after they have opted in. The follow up is the best part of any Infusionsoft campaign.  You can set up your basic follow up (as stated above – tag, TY email) and then you can continue to add on more pieces as you see fit. You can set up a follow up sequence of emails that can take people along the path of your marketing funnel. You can add on sequences any time you want to, and add to the value that your people opted in for. And if they do take action that you put in front of them, you can move them to another sequence easily so that their funnel sequences stop. It’s pretty cool.

Pretty simple setup, and fairly standard no matter what type of system you are using to deliver your report.

But when you use Infusionsoft, you can really think ahead and actually plan ahead, so that you actually lead your prospects through your marketing funnel – from their basic free entry, to upselling them to your products and services.

The basic campaign manager is like mindmap, with its simple icons and arrows to connect the things you want to each other. It’s a pretty simple system when you look at it – a straight line of actions that occur in the order you put them – and controllable by dates, delay timers or other actions.

And the ability to leave things in draft mode until you are ready to use them is very helpful. You can work on an entire section of a campaign without connecting it to a live section. Pretty ingenious.

So the thing to do is to start thinking using the framework that Infusionsoft uses, and things really start to become pretty clear. It’s a matter of knowing where people are coming from, and what you want them to do, and then mapping out the path to get them there.

To talk about your campaign setup and planning your follow up, contact me for a Strategy Session today!

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