Two Heads are Better Than One

This the sixth post in my series of posts about The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey. It is my slant on each of the habits, and how each relates to being a small business owner. To read the whole series, click here.

Habit #6: Synergize (Two Heads are Better than One)

Solopreneur does not mean you have to everything alone. But so many small business owners seem to think that.

It’s kind of funny. You go into business to provide a service to your clients – one that you are an absolute expert at providing – and then you end up doing administrative work, bookkeeping, marketing, business strategy and a ton of other stuff. Not in your brilliance. Not your area of specialty. Because you think you have to!

But you don’t. In fact, you shouldn’t. All of those areas that I just mentioned, and more, should be left to those who specialize in them. Your business will grow faster when you concentrate on what you do best, and get help with everything else.

One key area to get support is with business strategy – two heads ARE better than one. Looking at your business from an objective eye is sometimes impossible. It’s your baby. You have built it. No one knows your business like you do. So it can sometimes be hard to accept other people’s comments on what you are doing, or how you are doing it.

But great strategy is so important to keep your business growing and moving forward. And it’s important to consult with someone regularly to build that strategy on an ongoing basis.

New ideas, new insight are wonderful building blocks that you can constantly be adding to make your business better. Keeping things status quo could keep your business stuck where you are.

Other ways of getting support like admin, bookkeeping, marketing and so on, help you develop collaboration and teamwork. Also very important when your business grows. Think about it – if your business gets as successful as you probably imagine it in your head, then you will eventually need support with all of those things anyway. Better to start working with others now so you can build quickly and easily when you want to.

Collaborate with people who share your values, your ideas, your work ethic and your general business outlook. Not only will it help your business, but that makes it fun too!

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